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Default Re: Deontay Wilders next fight...

Originally Posted by |A|C|S| View Post
i dunno how Wilder is ever gonna improve if he keeps fightin people like this lol
at least just pick on half decent small heavyweights if your scared of gettin hit
Many heavyweights fought Greer as a test.

Oh I forgot,Wilder has to fight only top 5 fighters or he's a bum.

Forget the fact that Helenius has faced 1 decent fighter (Chisora and he lost)

Fury only fought one decent guy (Chisora)

Boytsov,9 years as a pro hasnt faced anyone of note.

Price,hasnt yet faced anyone

Arreola,fought Walker 100 years ago

Is everyone living in a fantasy? To be a contender these days,all you have to do is beat a few bums and have t hands.
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