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Default Re: Deontay Wilders next fight...

Originally Posted by iceman71 View Post
is it asking too much for his ****ty management to plan his career a little better?
I agree, but the point is, this is not Wilder's fault. He fights whomever they put in front of him, and he fights often. He should get some CREDIT for this.

If GBP wants to get Wilder proper opponents, they are going to have to spend some serious money. Offer a large guarantee to the prospective opponent, win or lose.

Take a fighter like Price, or fury, or Jennings: What possible reason would they have for facing Wilder right now? If they win, there is no glory, and they would be facing a guy that, no matter how inexperienced, no matter how suspect some idiots think his chin is, can KO them with one punch, from either hand.

Go down the opposition-tier a little bit, and things don't really change. It doesn't even matter if you think he has skills or not. Wilder is all-risk / no reward.

There would have to be a HUGE payday, guaranteed. GBP would likely have to literally LOSE money on Wilder's next few fights, and evidently they aren't willing to invest in their product.

And like I've said numerous times before, this is not just a problem with Wilder. The same situation holds true, to varying extents, for Price, Boytsov, and many other "dangerous but 2nd / 3rd tier fighters in all divisions.

It's a problem with the sport as a whole, but no one seems to want to discuss it much. Easier to just rag on the fighters, I guess, from behind your little computer keyboard.
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