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Default Re: How to get a wrestler to throw faster?

Originally Posted by Speechless View Post
I'm no expert on the topic of wrestlers (or any topic for that matter - ha ha), but just to clarify, are you suggesting that wrestlers are somehow slower at striking than the average person? Just because in my experience 9/10 of all people who try boxing start out slow as hell. More specifically, how do you know wrestlers are slower than say, anyone who steps into a boxing gym for the first time?
I'm just wondering, if wrestlers are somehow impeded by their strength or wrestling ability, than someone who has never wrestled before. And why wouldn't a normal boxing training regimen a couple of days a week improve the hands of a wrestler like anyone else?
Again, not trying to sound like an ass, i'm just genuinely interested in the notion that wrestlers might struggle more with boxing than the average person.
Also, are you noticing this with heavily built wrestlers, or various sizes?
Been my experience that guys who weight lift allot are the slowest, on average, followed by wrestlers. Basketball players can often throw fast punches, as can baseball players. With those groups it is just learning the right technique.

and yeah basically i am just doing the normal stuff with them....having them focus on speed not power. teaching form, drills, all that.

basically i was just curious if anyone knew of anything else.
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