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Default Re: 2nd best chin in MMA

Originally Posted by Rob_Floyd View Post
He does take quite the beating, but he has been finished by strikes multiple times.

Chris Lytle?

Great shout - that chin is ****ing legendary.

I wanted to touch back on Hamman a bit. He could get knocked out every fight for the rest of his career and I would still rank him highly.

I don't feel KO losses should always correlate to ranking chins. He takes so much damage before getting put away (reminds me of Joe Grimm), the Philippou fight for example:

If it takes 20 straight shots from Costa Philippou and get knocked out -- is that really worse than being rocked but not knocked out from a lesser middleweight? Hamman goes out because he's human and there's only so much the body can take.

On the other hand - Rashad Evans (who's only been knocked out once) has a horrible chin, IMO.

Sorry for the rant, just thinking aloud not arguing or anything -
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