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Default Re: How to get a wrestler to throw faster?

Originally Posted by Johnstown View Post
Been my experience that guys who weight lift allot are the slowest, on average, followed by wrestlers. Basketball players can often throw fast punches, as can baseball players. With those groups it is just learning the right technique.

and yeah basically i am just doing the normal stuff with them....having them focus on speed not power. teaching form, drills, all that.

basically i was just curious if anyone knew of anything else.
You know basketball and baseball players lift weights regularly right?
Also what do you mean by bicep lifting? Pull ups are a regular part of most boxers programs.
There is no reason mechanically why large or strong biceps would slow a punch down. If you're doing concentration curls and constantly focusing on isolating the bicep concentrically it might slow your punches down but that's a neural thing to do with muscular activation patterns.
Also you shouldn't be focusing on speed at all unless they are already excellent technically, you should slow it right down. It is all about the technique and motor learning, nothing to do with their biceps.
It's funny how people look for a complex theory on a very simple problem.
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