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Default Re: GSP: Is he the second greatest MMA fight ever?

Originally Posted by greathamza View Post
Wait what?
If we start at longevity and im not counting Fedors BS loss to Kohsaka then Fedor has been going nonstop for 9 years and Silva been going for 6 years

When Pride died Fedor still won over Andrei, Timmy and Rogers.

Who did Fedor duck?

Fedor beat everyone even at their own game he went to the ground with Nog and stood up with CC and still won

Im as huge of a Silva fan as the next guy but Fedor is higher up on the GOAT list than Silva
Randy Couture, Frank Mir, Brock Lesnar, JDS, Cain Velasquez, and Shane Carwin were all the Best HWs in the World (most still are). Fedor did not fight a single one..... AA, Sylvia, and Brett Rogers are clearly not on the same level or else they would have fought their way in (or back into) the premiere organization in the World.

I would get my #s straight because Fedor won jack **** in 10', just carried the p4p Title into that year. Fedor was solid whether it be standing or grappling so it's just not right to say he beat everyone at their own game. Neither is it to say he has longevity when you flame out at 33 years of age.

Hendo's got it, as does Anderson Silva, but not Fedor. That's not longevity, it's a helluva run.

Originally Posted by Nipple View Post
When Fedor was beating the BEST HW On the planet (Big Nog) like a kid, Anderson was getting tapped by Japanese nobodies.
Where is he now?? Because when Anderson Silva was well into defending UFC Gold, Fedor was tapping, getting punched out, and glossing three stoppage losses over with three cans.

Originally Posted by Nipple View Post
was unbeaten in nearly 10 years when the HW division was at its peak.

Anderson, on the other hand, has no *****. He'll fight Griffin (who is the biggest LHW out there bar none) yet wont fight Jones because JBJ is "too big" and is "my friend"? Dude has no *****. Fedor would fight any man.

Anderson won't fight Weidman, won't fight Jones yet wants GSP? Georges is a weight class BELOW HIM! GSP is the greatest MMA fighter alive. His division is ten times more stacked than Anderson's and he has RULED IT for years.
Anderson Silva does want JJ, but The UFC knows how to sell a fight. Once upon a time Fedor would fight any man, but when he didn't have it anymore he knew it and avoided the best in the World.

GSP is a cash cow, so who wouldn't want to fight him? Fedor was getting punched out by a smaller man that was submitted by Anderson Silva, so you tell me what's worse.... Wanting to fight the "Greatest Mixed Martial Artist Alive" or getting punched out by a much smaller and older man that was tapped out by Anderson Silva?? You sir are a ****ing joke, don't get tight with me because your words just don't add up.

Originally Posted by Stoo View Post
well Haggis it's pretty much documented that I picked Condit for the upset. But GSP's win was HUGE!. Imagine if Condit went on a run similar to Nog's at HW when Fedor was champ...

No disrespect to Anderson, be he has to move up to fight guys who went life and death with Krzysztof for a challenge...MW is weak, make no bones about it. Maybe Anderson is the most talented MMA fighter ever, but he hasnt beaten elite or top contender class guys with the regularity that Fedor and GSP has. Too prove me wrong he has to fight Jones and win, until then Fedor and GSP are above him imho
You can't fault the man for making the competition look bad, and for the record Fedor hasn't beaten an elite fighter since Pride ended.

Something is clearly wrong with you if you at the end of the day you believe Anderson Silva is the most talented fighter ever . Like all who rank Great fighters this way, you ignore the big picture. Fedor ended his career by losing 3 in a row (inside the distance) only to gloss it over with 3 cans.
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