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Default Re: GSP: Is he the second greatest MMA fight ever?

Originally Posted by ozziebattler View Post
When all 3 of those mentioned fighters careers are done lets seriously discuss this .

I personally think either Gsp or silva will leapfrog fedor as the greatest.

Though most on here will shoot me down but fedors last 2years of career really has put a few dings in what seemed like iron clad legacy
Really ?

He`s only human, it happens to EVERY fighter if they hang around too long, there are a select few that get out while they are at their best but most fighters have it in their blood & keep going until they start losing to guys they never would have at their best... does losing to Berbick suddenly mean Muhammad Ali isn`t the greatest HW ?... if Anderson loses by KO in his next title defence, does that mean he automatically stops being the best MW in UFC history ?

NO is the answer to these questions because you cannot erase the greatness that has already been achieved & the brilliance at their best that has been shown & is on video for all to see.

Fedor had already shown a clear gap between he & the rest of MMA well, well before the Werdum fight, his losses only proved he actually is human, it doesn`t disprove how special & dominant he was in his career.
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