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Default Re: GSP: Is he the second greatest MMA fight ever?

Originally Posted by Rob_Floyd View Post
How come Arlovski stopped being an elite fighter once he left the UFC? You do understand that Arlovski left the UFC on a three fight winning streak, right?

How come Sylvia stopped being elite once he left the UFC? You do understand that he left the UFC following a loss to Nog...the guy that Fedor beat twice in dominant fashion.
Because Arlovski doesn't have it anymore Rob, and neither does Sylvia. They are relics, #ing dinosaurs mi compadre. Former Title Holders and future HOFers, but they did not stand the test of time. Fedor did, but he did it his way and even still the next generation caught up to him. The Game Don't Wait Rob, The Game Don't Wait. We knew that he was on the slide, and the three losses should account for something.

Originally Posted by Rob_Floyd View Post
You do understand that not all primes play out equally, right? That Fedor's reign started earlier than Anderson's, therefore it only makes sense that it ended earlier?

I like you, but you are way off base when it comes to Fedor.
That is something to think about, and I will as I type. Maybe I don't understand right now, the only way that I may understand is if GSP begins to fall apart at the seams by 33 years old. But, the more that sinks in as I type I'm going to disagree this very moment. -------->

Reign? No my friend, that's not why it all ended for Fedor. It's because the man had an ass load of fights within a short time frame and it all caught up to him. Fighting is fighting, whether it's at the top level or not it takes it's toll. That reign accounts for something, but it's by no means an excuse for the way his career played out.

I like you too, and I may be off base to some. But, I don't think I am. It's because emotions run high Rob, they run high when it comes to this p4p debate. I like stoo too (more like love because I like everything about him from Color Me Badd videos to his messages seemingly to appear at random times), but for him to say that Anderson Silva is the most talented Mixed Martial Artist only in the same breathe to place GSP above him took the wind outta me. A #ing gut punch. I know that deep down he truly believes Silva is the Greatest (or at least greater than GSP, ffs), but he's giving Fedor the "Iron Mike Treatment".

Fedor get's the Iron Mike Treatment because those who place him atop the p4p list want to ignore the big picture. If a fighter losses 3 times in a row inside the distance than that is on them bro, if you want to know how I really feel. I'm not gonna even mention glossing that over with 3 Ws over cans, but I had too (Oops! Can't help it to be honest).

I haven't opened up that 4th page, and in the minutes before further replies I want stoo to know that these debates are heated, and I'm always this crazy.

PS- Rob, I don't love stoo anymore than I love you, and the rest of the members that make this Section go round'.
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