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Default Re: GSP: Is he the second greatest MMA fight ever?

Originally Posted by Muchmoore View Post
Yeah getting rag dolled by the great chael for 6 out of 7 rounds was really befitting of the goat

All the best heavies in fedors era were in pride not ufc

Fedor has wins over nog twice, Coleman twice, Mirko cro cop, mark hunt, Ricardo arona, Kevin randleman, Andre arlovski, Tim Sylvia, Bret Rogers who was 12-0 with 12 knockouts, Heath herring, semmy schilt, Gary goodridge. That's quite a list of names and were all in or around the top ten when fedor beat them

Silva needs to nut up and fight jones if he wants to be goat IMO. Wanderlei silva fought Mirko ****ing cro cop under pride rules
Tapping in the 10', mounted, pounded on by a guy named Bigfoot and lying face down ass up as the ref waves it off sure is befitting isn't it? Isn't it??

Did I mention glossing that over with 3 cans? Like I say continue to ignore the big picture, continue to give Fedor the Iron Mike Treatment.

That wasn't longevity it was a helluva fun, my men Anderson Silva and Hendo are dominating at an advanced age. Anderson Silva was ripening as Fedor was rotting, and there is just no way round that.
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