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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
I spotted Linares a mile off, even at 126. He was an easy fighter to get excited about if you were really gullible. Not directing that at you Crawler, only that a mass outbreak of positivity on Linares meant that even after he was starched inside a round by a relative unknown at the time, even now, he wad still highly regarded enough to be seen as a career-affirming scalp for DeMarco. And then drubbed Molina (who?) inside a round.

Did look pretty durable though. Good win for Broner but if he ain't fighting Burns or Vasquez get him up at 140 fighting Matthysse, Garcia, Rios, Bradley even. He has the size to compete there.

Not sold on him. Quintero and Ponce still niggle me at the back of my head.
no worries...i was that gullible i was riding the linares train loudly and proudly before, and after, santiago drilled him. i still think he's got a world of talent but i also say the same about judah so take it with a grain of salt

broner against burns may be my pick if i had to choose what fight gets made in 2013. say he takes out rees, burns then vasquez in 12 months. fighter of the year possibly with a move to 140 where i'd favour him against rios but not matthysse. not yet anyway...
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