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Default Eddie Alvares Gets an immediate title shot in UFC?

I was reading a stroy that was giving you an update on his contract situation. And aparently if he comes to the UFC, he gets an april showdown with Benson Henderson.

and then i read one saying that Dana said he wont get an imediate title shot, and Gilbert Melendez gets the title shot.

So what im getting at is, Do you think Eddie deserves an imediate title shot? or should they give it to Gilbert?

I dont think Eddie should get it, He should win a fight or 2 first. And prove he can fight with the best guys. Personally i dont think he has the chin to fight with elite UFC lightweights. But id like to see him fight Jim Miller.

I do think Melendez will get the shot. Hes had a much better resume against better guys.

So what do yall think? who gets the shot Eddie or Melendez???
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