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Default Re: The official 1 month countdown thread to mundine vs geale 2

Originally Posted by kas117 View Post
Based on a ****ysis from some guy who has shown on more than one occasion that he swings from GGG nuts? I can already tell you he pulled half of that ****ysis on Geale from his ****. Geale not quick on his feet?!? It's clear he's watched only the Sturm with one closed eyes might I add. "he will not have any defensive advantage based on movement" Are you kidding me, so he bases this on one fight that he clearly hasn't ****ysed very well. Geale was able to avoid most of Sturms hooks through superior movement and speed.

Geale will tire if he tries to swarm Golovkin?!? Geale has done this whole career where he repeatedly swarms his opponent using his amazing wokrate and stamina! It's his trademark in the later rounds. Funny Karaganda didn't mention that or that Golovkin's defensive flaws. "hopefully the referee will stop it before he is hospitalised like Ouma" confirms that not only is he GGG nutgger but also doesn't know one thing about Geale. Not to mention he has based his whole ****ysis on one fight and he later admits not to seeing any other Geale fights,so why in the hell would any knowledgeable boxing fan take his ****ysis seriously?

Try and do your own research instead of relying on someone who writes with a clear agenda. It's probably Michael Collins.
And this
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