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Default Re: The official 1 month countdown thread to mundine vs geale 2

Originally Posted by Leftsmash View Post
There have been opinions given by people for why they think Golovkin beats him, raising valid points, yet the Aussie's haven't put forth anything aside from hiding behind some overrated wins. The most simple explaination is a light punching swarmer who relies on volume isnt going to beat Golovkin.

Using the logic you're hiding behind:

Macklin and Murray accomlished as much as Geale and neither of those 3 are as good as Castijello. Having it 7/5 Sturm was just as legit and Sylvester was never elite....getting demolished by Proksa right after Geale.

Mate it's hard to take you seriously when you're using "Amazing" which just borders on clear fan boyism rather than analysis, also to add has which level of a puncher has Geale faced at GGG's level? If you read the thread properly you would notice that it's well documented that Golovkin defense is not tight, but this goes back to how they style does not match well with Geale. Geale does not have a jab that is strong enough to disrupt Golovkin as he comes in, as he comes in he will be eating straight shots from the outside as well as hooks to the body that won't sit well with him. Geale has shown an decent chin but he's been put on his ass more than 6 times, not saying he's made of glass but you do the math.
LOL so you call the dribble from some of the idiots on the General Forum "valid points" from the likes fistsof steel (no offence), mrdoctor (offence intended), Sugar Nick (is a ****wit) and yourself who from what I've read, thinks Felix Sturm was shot from the age of 32 because he struggled with a fighter who have Martinez a tough fight in Macklin. Only two people came up with valid points in that thread (you were not one of them, being the sheep you are) and they were Karaganda and TheManBearPig who pretty much nails it:

I've given quite a few analysis's in previous threads but for the benefit of you and your fellow GGG **** jockeys, I'll give you another one.

Defense: Geale doesn't have the best defense but it is levels above those that GGG has fought, and GGG has shown that he struggles to beat fighters with semi decent defense not to mention his own defense being exposed by an average Proksa and shot blown up 154 fighter in Kassim Ouma. Geale has proven he has a good, solid chin as I have seen him take some ferocious punches over his career and not once have I seen him on weak legs. Those KD in his early fights were ALL from being off balance as he was a very wild fighter in his early career. Go watch the fights if you don't believe me. Not to mention Geale has fought fighters much faster than GGG (whose own speed is severely overrated by the nuffies on this forum). Golovkin's fights against Ouma and Proksa exposed the poor defense and while Geale is not a power puncher, but he is a very smart fighter who will make the best of the holes in GGG defense

Offense: Golovkin has, for the majority of his career, relied on his power to win the fight and is clearly reflected in his stalking/come forward style and his ability to cut off the ring against slower fighters (and blown-up welterweights). However, this style is not effective against someone who is able to set a fast pace in the ring and has much better footwork. Once again, the Ouma fight exposed these flaws as GGG was clueless till Ouma gassed from round 8 and it was then that Ouma had slowed down enough for GGG to put a beating on him.

Geale has an amazing workrate and amazing stamina and he will not gas after 8 rounds, he will keep going till the final bell rings. In all of his fights, I have not seen him gas once, even the Mundine fight which was an all out war where neither stopped throwing. Geales power is not the best in the division but it is often underrated and Golovkins chin has never been tested.

Provided Geale doesn't get caught early (which is the only way I see GGG beating him), his relentless volume punching will wear GGG down as he has never been put through 12 rounds of fast and hard paced boxing and he looked like he was on the point of collapse after 10 rounds in the Ouma fight. While it's unlikely that Golvkin will be KOed (in the later rounds) I would not rule it out if he looks like he did during the Ouma fight

The way any sensible and realistic boxing should see it, is a KO victory in the early rounds to GGG or a close but clear UD victory to Geale. Once again, we have to take into account the level of the opposition they have been fighting. Anyone sensible boxing fan (which rules out Leftsmarsh and all the other GGG **** jockeys) knows Geales win against Felix Sturm showed he is a very talented world class boxer has proven himself against other very good opposition. His TKO win over Roman Karmazan is better then any other win on GGG resume. In the event that they do fight (late 2013 according to my sources depending on his defense against Mundine and Soliman/Sturm) I will give the winner full credit.
I also notice you only agree with K's analysis yet you yourself have never provided your own prior to that and seemed to runaway when TMBP posted his analysis and when directly questioned, you revert to your old "Sturm is a overrated win" line when you have nothing else to say.

Most people who have watched Geale have described his workrate and stamina as amazing, but since you have only watched the Sturm fight you wouldn't understand, yet you call Golovkin's power amazing despite him knocking out LMW's and a defenceless bum in Proksa

Lets take a closer look at your dribble: I don't recall Macklin or Murray winning two world titles on foreign soil or having a decent name on their resume prior to Sturm. Also it's clear you haven't watched any Geale fights other than the Sturm fight seeing as you think the knockdowns from Geales early fights were from flashes or power punches, and it's only shown that you you don't have a clue about Geales chin, although it does show you rely on Boxrec to get your info on boxers, so your opinion on Geale is worthless and it's hard to take you seriously. If you did watch Geales other fights, you would know he slowly adapts to a style that makes it highly difficult for his opponent but you wouldn't know this seeing as you have only seen the Sturm fight and think that makes you a expert on Geale.
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