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Default Re: Can't wait till its done and dusted!

Originally Posted by LeBeave View Post
Lets look at the Sylvester win again...... Geale s****ped past him (all be it on German soil) just, but how highly do people rate Sylvester anyway

Sturm was a good win but i want to see him in the ring again to assess whether time has caught up with him.

Geale might be getting a little overrated but i'll reserve judgement until the Mundine fight. Put it this way, how highly will Geale be placed on the world scale if he happens to beat choc in a pretty close and tough fight which i assume will be the case

I hope the Aussies haven't gone off half ****ed again about one of their own sports stars.
Maybe we have gone off half ****ed but I think Geale is improving. The Sylvester fight was closer than the Sturm fight despite Sturm being the superior fighter. Styles make fights though maybe Choc's style will trouble Geale but I doubt it. I will let you give me any avatar you want for 2 weeks
if this fight is closer than 117-111 if it goes the distance. Which I don't think it will.
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