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Default Re: anthony small-bradley pryce a decent fight looks imenent

Originally Posted by stake501
pryce wasn't winning, it was up to that point a really close fight.

small was definately hurt by the punch but still stood up to some good shots from pryce. Pryce should have taken him out then but couldnt. That should only havae been a 10-9 round to Pryce

i still think Pryce would havae come through as he seemed to have the better conditioning, but the stoppage was a complete JOKE. This always looked like it was going to be on points.

Small is a coplete t*wat though

Your lat sentance sums up my thoughts better than anything but i had them even at the start of the round so by the end pryce would have been in front. Ithought Pryce was starting to get the upper hand after small took an early lead.

Small was hurt abit but not enough for a stopage but he was making it look far worse than it was and trying to sucker pryce in. The ref read the signals and got fooled. Small fooled the wrong guy. Fantasic.

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