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Default Re: Rid**** Bowe vs Vitali Klitschko

Originally Posted by lefthook31 View Post
The overhand right that Bowe throws works even better on tall opponents. Its easier to land. has Vitali ever faced a 6'5" guy that comes forward and throws bombs and does it pretty good? Why yes, it was Lennox Lewis... Bowe's game was exactly the fight that Lewis instituted against Vitali. Vitali doesnt have a good pumping jab that keeps fighters at bay either. Bowe would be up in his chest quicker than Lewis was, and then Vitali would fall apart.
This is a bit too simplistic a comparison I think.

Lennox was a much more educated fighter than Bowe. Always was. He had a better jab, a better command of distance, and just a much better understanding of the basics of the sport. Bowe was a high class brawler with a few useful tools. His jab was good but he had a very poor understanding of how to use it as a big man should. His feet were plodding, his defensive reflexes slow. A lot of the time he would just let fighters get into his chest then duke it out with them, trusting to his size, heart and chin to get the better of the exchanges. Being the bigger man, he usually did, but against fighters who were able to maintain their distance whilst lading their own shots or fight fire with fire he had trouble.

The sorts of things Lennox did to catch Vitali are not the sorts of things Bowe is likely to do, even the young version that fought Evander. Lennox caught Vitali because of his good timing, rhythm varying and quick step ins. Watch the beginning of round three of their fight. Lennox doesn't just plod forward, he leaps in behind a heavy jab, catching Vitali off balance, then cannons the right into his head. Bowe doesn't do that. He stalks you behind an inconsistent jab then starts brawling if you get into his chest. He's far more likely to fight an Arreola type fight, nowhere near as crude of course, but predictable and readable. If he can walk through Vit's best shots to get on the inside then he'll have success, especially if he can drag Vittles into a slugging match, but he can equally find himself getting kept at bay by Vitali's thudding jab and finding his overhands whiffing past as Vitali leans back out of range. An outside fight does not favour Bowe in any way.
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