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Default Re: Who is the best Australian heavyweight right now

Originally Posted by JOSEY WALES View Post
Educate me sox I ain't ever seen this kid fight , looks like he could drop a few pounds in that pic mate . Any good ?
He's done really well in kickboxing actually, only had 4 boxing matches, money is better in kickboxing he says.

He's won all his boxing matches, except for a draw with Kirby over 10 rounds.
His boxing debut smashed Hopoate in the 1st.

I think if he dedicated himself to boxing only he could easily be our best.

It's probably a bit of a stretch to say he's our best right now, but then again who knows.

As for his weight, he's been on these forums some years back (guvner or something like that I think?) and claimed the weight doesn't hurt his stamina at all, it's just his body make up.
Hard to believe, but as I said he went 10 rounds just fine with Kirby, and has shaken up the K1, so he can't be too unfit.

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