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Default Re: Who paid off the judges on Pacquiao- Bradley??

Originally Posted by cyrax99 View Post

For anyone interested, I suggest they watch this video about the Pacquaio - Bradley fight. It shows how incredibly biased the HBO commentators are. I think most people thinking this fight was some blowout haven't bothered to watch the fight without sound, and are simply going off the commentators and the crowd reactions. Honestly the fight could have gone either way, I can tell you right now the compubox stats were complete bull****. Anyone see Bradley's face after the fight? TOTALLY UNMARKED, if Pac had hit him with all the power shots the stats claimed, he'd of had one messed up face. Bradley got absolutely NO credit for his defense in the fight, many times they said Pacquaio was popping him, he was catching the punches, dodging them, making Pac swing and miss at the air. He showed incredible defense, which I think gets VERY little respect in boxing scores. I think the fight could have gone either way, anyone claiming it was a blowout simply is full of ****. I do not care the media's scores, I'm sure many of there opinions were NOT impartial, due to extremely biased commentary, fallacious compubox scores, and the fact that Manny is such a popular fighter. They are human beings, and influenced by bias, just like everyone else. I can tell you from an unbiased standpoint (I don't favor either guy) and from watching the intricacies of the fight, even slowing down certain parts, it was a close fight.
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