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Default Re: Having trouble sparring shorter opponent

Originally Posted by Theron View Post
Do what Ray Robinson did especially when fighting the shorter Basilio, just step back and telegraph your right uppercut a little like a bolo punch but not as exagerated just so they know its coming and theyll step back or either try to dodge it either way if they dodge it just step back out of range
Originally Posted by twinwonw View Post
I'm 6'2 as well and like most of the other guys said, use jab, jab, and more jabs.

Follow up your jabs with a hook, and if he weaves under your hook then throw your uppercut. Uppercut helps a lot when they are weaving or ducking your punches, but I would throw my straight or jab and if they slip it then I throw my uppercut, because it's hard for them to react and slip my uppercut right after the straight punch.

Another thing is if they are able to rush onto you, then just jam them, or bump with your shoulder, turn them and reset. Then just keep jabbing and following up with hooks then uppercuts. Throw straights then uppercuts, then when they rush into you again bump into them, turn them, and repeat.

Most important thing to do is bump against them when they rush to you, so you are in the pocket and they can't throw clean punches at you, then you turn them and start over what you were doing.
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