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Default 1980 Ali v 2005 Tyson

Hi, I am new here and have been reading all the intriguing classic matchups you guys have in the classic section which makes for great reading. I'm putting up a different classic match up than the vast majority which are usually fighters prime v prime.

These two guys are obviously All time great heavyweights but by this point in their respective careers were both totally punch drunk. Tyson had his McBride fight in 05 and Ali fought Berbick in 80 and I think everyone here agrees both were rather sad sights.

My question is, if these two versions came up against one another, who would you take?

I would probably take Ali, because as terrible shape as he was in - it was of course very apparent that the early onset of parkinsons had hit him - I just think Tyson didn't even want to fight at this point in time and had zero desire to get in the ring.
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