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Default Re: Salido (1) vs Garcia (4) - ESB, Whats your prediction for the fight?

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
I don't 5'10" he isn't exactly tiny, and his career low is 158.5 as a pro.

In the amateurs he already did quite a bit of climbing, from light welterweight in his teens all the way up to middleweight by age twenty - where he's remained for 10 years including his 6 since turning pro.

I mean, if there was PBF or Canelo money anted up I'm sure he'd make the effort to drain down - but for anything less it would be ill-advised IMO.

He isn't a huge middleweight, but he's comfortable. In fact, people have been saying for years that he might eventually be 168-bound (where he'll definitely be on the smaller side, but may still be effective if his power carries up and the extra lbs don't slow him down).
Right on, thanks IB

Just looking at him and Rosado face to face, its like wtf? You would think the guy coming up was GGG....

5'10 isnt tiny tiny, but most of the past crop of top middles in the 'new era' were larger then that... Hopkins 6 +, Taylor 6 +, Pavlik 6 +,

I think 5'10'' is actually more of a 154lb height to be honest if the guy has an average build like GGG.

But like you said, his lowest is 158.... Im sure if 154 was no problem for them then there would be more evidence as such.

I just find it interesting given his stature against Rosado.

Anyways, thanks for the knowledge IB.
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