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Default Re: Dempsey's punching power

He dropped and convinced Sharkey that he didn't want anymore - and Sharkey beat some pretty tough nuts to crack fairly consistently - Floyd Johnson, Jim Maloney, Johnny Risko, George Godfrey, Harry Wills, Mike mcTigue, Tom Heeney, Jack Delaney, Young Stribling, Tommy Loughran, Max Schmeling, Mickey Walker, Primo Carnera etc - who until Joe Louis 10 years later actually stopped Sharkey?? Dempsey turned te trick when he was pretty much shot.

Dempsey was also the only man to drop Gene Tunney and had him very hurt and but for te long count may well have stopped him again when he was far gone himself.

He absolutely obliterated Jess Willard obviously (who in my opinion had one of thw beat chins in history aswell as obviously an insane capacity for absorbing continuous punishment) and in my book on any other day with any other referee that fight would've been stopped after the very first knockdown (2nd at the very latest) which tells you something about Dempseys power - and similarly with the Firpo epic I think most referees would've stopped that one probably after the 4th knockdown - the Fulton blowout is impressive in light of the fact that Sam Langford couldn't get to him and obviously the swiftness of that one indicates how instantly he could hurt you really badly - and obviously the 25 first round kos speaks for itself

Even Carp - took Tunney 15 rounds to stop and past it Carp - and in reality if Dempsey had been let off the leash from the get-go the Carp may have not made it beyond 2 rounds in reality - who else either did or even would've been likely to do that to Carp?

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