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Default Re: Post Your Pic/Talk About Anything Thread

Django was decent. Too long for a film that isn't really making a statement on the issues it deals with, and was essentially just a basic caper movie with phenomenal actors/script.

Basically it was like watching someone admire their work.

Still, 3.5/5.

Watched 'Looper' yesterday haven't barely heard about it. Astonishing genre flick. 4.5/5 Loved it, bit 12 Monkeys, bit Akira, bit Matrix. But never felt like that watching it (well Akira influence was noticeable, only as I'm an Akira-nerd)

Avengers: Felt better about it on second viewing. Bloody enjoyable, bestscreen Banner (and Hulk) yet IMO, and well executed and never boring. 3.5/5

Fitzcarraldo: Quickly organised re-watching to prove I could still enjoy it despite the allegations against Kinski ruining my perceptions of him forever. And I could 5/5
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