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Default Re: Dempsey's punching power

Originally Posted by Ovid***ile View Post
My impression is that even though he was 190, his speed, muscles, and technique made him punch like a man who weighed more like 220. His overall results were on a par with guys like Firpo, who also knocked out Jess Willard and Bill Brennan.

What other notables did Dempsey KO? Georges Carpentier was also knocked out by Gene Tunney, Battling Siki, and Billy Papke, so an aggressive style and a good light heavyweight punch was enough to do for him. Tommy Gibbons went the 15 round distance against Dempsey and was only knocked out by Tunney. Jack Sharkey was KO'd by Dempsey, Louis, and Carnera in or after his prime. Louis weighed 199 and probably punched like 230 whereas Carnera was 260 lbs. So a guy with an estimated punch strength of your average 220 pounder would probably be enough to do the job, though interestingly Wills and Godfrey didn't accomplish this and that's approximately what they weighed against Sharkey.
OE, excellent post...Dempsey was only about 190, day of the fight because
in those days fighters fought at their lowest weight for speed and stamina.
Dempsey was at 190 deceptive, as he had a narrow waist and dancers legs
[unlike the heavily thighed Marciano]. His main forte was his swiftness and ferocity that got to his target before the bigger boys got to him...
If i can use an ****ogy...In baseball there was a ballplayer named Dave Kingman who hit moon shot home runs, but hit for a low batting average.
Players as Henry Aaron hit home runs NOWHERE as far, but he hit it OFTEN. Dempsey with his violent fast offense didn't" load up ", but his
quick attack most often got there first, and anyone Dempsey hit he hurt...
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