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Default Re: How long to LOOK like you know what you're doing?

Originally Posted by Primate View Post
And Daniel Day-Lewis takes dedication for the role to a whole new level.

Robert De Niro had a few boxing matches when he was preparing for Raging Bull. He won a couple, too.
In Jake La Motta's book 'raging bull' he talks about this.
Him and De Niro actually sparred together till he was satisfied De Niro could actually fight.
I haven't read it for a while but from memory it was about 600 rounds and he also goes on to say that once he was satified that De Niro could actually box that he could have turned professional due to how good he had become.
Quite a compliment coming from Jake La Motta!

I also remember reading somewhere that when Sylvester Stallone was training to box in order to play Rocky that he called up Ernie Shavers to spar with him, Ernie was going very light on him and Stallone asked him to go hard and make it realistic, Shavers hit him with a body shot and Stallone had to take the rest of the day off.
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