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Default Re: Dempsey's punching power

Originally Posted by burt bienstock View Post
S, to say Dempsey " had trouble putting people away" ,is not accurate as the record shows. Dempsey had about 25 recorded 1st round knockouts, but there is no FILM of most of the bouts...He, before the Willard bout
in which would have been scored a first round ko, by any referee other than Ollie Pecord, flattened Carl Morris, Fred Fulton, Gunboat Smith,Battling Levinsky and many others in short order with devastating
2 punch combinations that made Dempsey such a drawing card leading up to Willard. I have read many opoinions that the single left hook that
Dempsey landed on Willard's face in the first round, fracturing a cheekbone
was as hard a punch ever landed...Think of the power it took for Dempsey
to aim HIGH to even reach the chin of the 6ft 6" Jess and drop the
previously unfloored Willard ? Ideal power is thrown straight from the shoulder on a line but Dempsey's left hook was a dandy...
In 1920 Dempsey allegedly not in the best of condition, caught up to Bill Brennan in the 12th round with a blazing one-two combo that kod Brennan
and broke Brennan's ankle dropping to the canvas....We rightfully praise
Joe Louis as a devastating puncher for a good reason. But a prime Joe Louis hit lumbering Abe Simon with EVERY punch in the book for 13 rounds
without putting the big target away until the referee stopped the bout...
Can anyone envision a prime Dempsey allowing a big punching bag like Simon to remain on his feet for 13 rounds ? I can't...
There are a lot of posters on ESB that for some reason, like to tear down
the legacy of Jack Dempsey...That is their right, but to imply that the prime Dempsey couldn't hit hard enough to keep a man down, the record proves that Dempsey though not "big", hit with savage speed and force...Give the man his due, I say...cheers...
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