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Default Re: Deontay Wilders next fight...

Originally Posted by Godsavethequeen View Post
Again you are talking out of your ASS, Wilder has more articles written about him than any other of your hype jobs in the HW division. I do not give a toss about the Heavy weights it is the worst division of them all.. It is funny how you use glass jaw when we have 2 fighter with less fights and ranked way higher than SCUM boy Wilder.
Oh and Fury and Price are undefeated where are their glass jaws???
Fury is a fighting Gypo and he would smash Wilder even with his amazing KO record of knocking out BUMS...
Are you BLACK it would explian so much about your hate
Where is your proof of the more article ****?

Fact is like I said, Wilder has had what maybe 3 or 4 fights on ESPN, and around 4 fights on Foxsports regional broadcasts and not has his first fight on Showtime with Price and you are trying to cry about him being over rated and over hyped, when you had the likes of Mitchell and Jennings headlining HBO cards and NBC Sports cards respectively? LOL.

You are delusional.

Like I said before, I can only think the hate you have for Deontay comes from some sense of jealousy you have with regards to him and how he might match up against you Brit heavies, and it really is irrational.

Did Wlad's comment about him bother you that much?
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