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Default Re: Deontay Wilders next fight...

Originally Posted by Godsavethequeen View Post
And military personel have died for idiots like you.. YOU ARE PATHETIC

Enjoy your life that has been won for you by people like me.
you ungrateful little ****
the END
No military personnel has died for me. They died for a government ruled by a bunch of people who don't give a damn about their life.

You are pathetic, very pathetic, because you seem to really believe the BS about fighting other people in their country and murdering them is making people in your home country safer. LOL.

I enjoy my life because it is mine, if more people would stop shutting down their critical thinking and fighting these useless wars for the people who stand to benefit from them the world over all might be a safer place and so many nations in the west would probably slow the rate of their bankruptcy.

That said stay delusional my friend.
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