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Default Re: Those that are going to the mundine/Geale fight

Originally Posted by pecks View Post
As you may or may not know, the SEC is just ****ing distance from my place (2 ****es if you have a small **** like oztriker - I caught a glimpse of it when we shared a urinal during our catch up a few years back). I like my town, and and my town likes me and Im not too comfortable knowing that there's gunna be a crowd of unsavoury melon head ****s rocking up for the night.

For your own well being, please adhere to the following, as I may not be everywhere at once, but ive got the streets' ear, so nothing will go unnoticed/unpunished.

* for those that are driving in, please adhere to the speed limits, mundine fans - subtract 20(if you're able to do that sort of sophisticated math) from those limits and adhere to that as being mundine fans, tasks that are simple to most may prove to be difficult for yourselves.

* keep the noise pollution to a bare minimum. I don't wanna hear platinum rider, thunderstruck etc blaring out on my streets. For those that grow an extra set of nuts when listening to such filth, keep ya windows closed and the volume levels to single digits.

* now, post fight reactions will be intense as dreams will no doubt be shattered, and many of you will be pumped up and will want to vent out in a violent manner (being the re****s that you are and enjoy boxing as an act of violence and not a sport) many will want to take their anger out somehow, and may get aggressive towards people, or if you're a ***** ****d weakling like Teke, you'll probably just target a telephone booth or sign post. This sort of unsavoury behaviour won't be tolerated and you'll all be Zab Judah chicken dance'd before the skin peels off your knuckles.

That's the jist if it. Aside from that,use common sense, throw your rubbish in the bins. Follow these instructions and you'll be welcomed back with arms. That's all gents, now go out there and enjoy the fight and support Aussie boxing.

Some of the funniest **** I have seen in this forum for a while.
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