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Default Re: Rid**** Bowe vs Vitali Klitschko

Originally Posted by Absolutely! View Post
Show me an example of Bowe jabbing his way in on a skilled big man to go to work on the inside, a skilled big man who's determined to keep him at jab range.
Tyrell Biggs in 91 & Jorge Luiz Gonzalez in 95, both skilled big men with a successful amateur career.

Originally Posted by Absolutely! View Post
Lewis did not jab or engage his attack in the same way as Bowe. Bowe's jab was mainly a keep away tool when he was taking a breather/recoup. It was sharp and crisp but mainly thrown with the upper body. It did not control distance except over very limited stretches of the fight because Bowe wasn't interested in fighting at anything other than close range; nor was it really used to open up fighters to combination attacks. When Bowe wanted to infight he'd generally just stand his ground and let his opponents come to him.
Bowe was happiest when exchanging at mid-range, where does this strange idea that Bowe simply stood still & waited for his opponents to approach him come from?

He only threw his jab to take a rest, not to measure distance & he didnt throw combinations off it?

Notice the way Bowe's leaning out as he jabs? Lewis did this as well, but he also had a much weightier full body jab which he'd step into when he wanted to close the distance/push opponents back/open them up to a right hand. It was this jab he was mainly using to beat up Vitali, together with a wide stance solid jab which he could pump out in multiples. I don't think he once used the type of snappy lean out jab that Bowe routinely used.
Ive never noticed that Bowe "leaned out" as he jabs because he generally didnt. Bowe's jab, in terms of mechanics was every bit as snappy as Lewis'.

Even at his age and level of conditioning Lennox was a much smarter and more versatile fighter than Bowe, whose deficiencies in fighting these types of fights were more than shown up the first time he fought Golota. Bowe's flat-footed, plodding forward, wait till you come to me approach would not give him the same sort of chances as Lennox.

I assume you are aware that Bowe was displaying signs of chronic brain injury before Golata 1. Compare his interview at the end of Holy 3 with Holy 1, Bowe's slurring his words so badly it almost sounds like a dfferent person.

Using Golata as an example of how Vitali would beat Bowe is like using the Vitali who fought Chisora as an example for the opposite & in no way reflects how either guy performed at their peak.

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