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Default Re: The cage-fighting boom - all that's missing is the cage

Originally Posted by Koa View Post
I can argue with that! I'm your huckleberry brother!

It's really just personal preference for me. When I go to watch a fight, I want to watch guys fight, rather than just control, or just smother.

Think Rashad Evans when he's up against someone he's clearly afraid of. He wall n stalls, he's an incredible wrestler but he employs strategies that..

A) prevent him from fighting, and eat the clock
B) are all about control and never about the finish, not fighting (imo) unless you are trying to do something that leads to finishing the fight.

Guys like Rashad (when he's scared) or Jake Shields, I don't want to give these guys the advantage of the cage because they are the type of fighters that look to not fight, by utilizing control without going for the finish. They are content using control by itself to get the W. The ring, makes it a little, to a lot more difficult to employ that sort of style.

But, if it's two guys that earnestly want to take one anothers head off, or walk away with the other guys arm or leg, then put them in the cage..

I guess I'm trying to say, if it's a real fight and guys are fighting, then the cage is good.. If it's a couple wrestlers or puffy punch girls (Jake Shields) put those turds in the ring and make them fight.
If a fight's going to be boring and one or both guys are going to fight negatively, it's going to be boring regardless of whether it's in a cage or a ring. You act like there's no such thing as lay and pray or a boring fight in a ring.

But the fact remains - the cage is designed for mixed martial arts. The ring is designed for boxing. A different sport entirely.

For your complaints about individual fighters - don't you get annoyed when the ref jumps in and breaks up the action to waste a bunch of time walking the fighters to the centre of the ring, for no other reason than the ropes got in the way? What about when a hurt fighter gets the opportunity to recover purely because the environment he's fighting in was designed for an entirely different sport?

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