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Default Re: Dempsey's punching power

Originally Posted by Unforgiven View Post
George Foreman's power is probably the most overrated.
Look how many punches it took him to put Ron Lyle away.
I disagree Lyle had a good chin and alot of heart and Foreman was confidence shot having just been destroyed by Ali. In any case Foreman unlike say Joe Louis had clubbing power and just wailed away until his man submitted under the sheer force, while a man like Louis was much more accurate, better timing and threw precise combinations. Majority of people who spoke of Foreman's power spoke of it very highly one early opponent said that when he on a farm he waskicked in the head by a horse and knocked out for 2 days straight yet said Foreman punches were harder another opponent said he hit about as hard Lyle but that Shavers hit harder than both combined.

Power is something you cannot truly asses based on filmic evidence alone.
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