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Default Re: The cage-fighting boom - all that's missing is the cage

I think of the cage, not just as an enclosed area but as a tool that can be utilized, and it's a specific enough tool that certain disciplines can utilize it moreso than other disciplines.

If I were to fight someone in an open field like a football field or soccer field, or baseball diamond. I'm going to be hard pressed to find a wall to push someone against to tire them out. I'm going to have freedom to move around. In this predicament, someone with a decent sprawl and good striking is going to have an advantage.

If I were in a bar, or an office or something, then yeah. There will be walls and such.. So environment of the fight really depends on what you are looking for, and I guess it depends on perspective..

If I watch someone like Rashad fight Jones, or I see how Rashad fights Rampage, I'm going to want to see him fight (what I consider fighting). I'd set him up in the situation that is more similar to an open field (ring) where he will more likely have to take the fight to the ground, an struggle to get the fight there, where he will be more desperate to inflict damage so he can win the fight.

I'm more about making guys fight, if the environment can change, then so be it.. I remember seeing some really old school mma fights with moving floors, so ideally there is no cage or border. To me it's more about not offering guys extra tools to win, just make them win it on their own.. Using the cage to stall is one of those things I consider an extra tool we give to certain fighters, giving them an advantage over others sometimes.. Some fighters it really doesn't matter where you put them, this is how I'd like it to be with all fighters. I want to see fights, they can be strategic and take a long time so long as the end in mind is to finish.. I see too many guys who just want to wait out the clock and get the W, or are content losing a decision. In many cases, I think the environment of the fight can change to force this upon fighters who are otherwise, well not really trying to fight, but win instead.
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