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Default Re: For those who quit competing. Why? + How?

i quit for a while during the start of 2012 too, but about 2 months after i quit, i was called up and was asked if i want to compete again 2 weeks before the competition.

i hesitated and really was unsure of what to do as at the point of time i was doing well joining other sports like floorball and generally doing well in life.

but i guess it's kinda hard to quit competing and after i took up that competition, i never looked back since...

i think you have to consider it quite seriously. Because if you quit for let's say half a year, then realise that you want to get back, you have wasted 1/2 a year and will definitely be upsetted by the "gains" you could have gotten during the time you quit.

but if you realise your passion for the sport is not as strong anymore and perhaps found passion in another sport, go ahead and try new things out.

whatever you do , just leave no regrets behind
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