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Default Re: Rid**** Bowe vs Vitali Klitschko

Originally Posted by DrMo View Post
Tyrell Biggs in 91 & Jorge Luiz Gonzalez in 95, both skilled big men with a successful amateur career.
And disappointing pro careers (though Gonzalez was undefeated at the time). Not a very strong body of evidence to go on.

Originally Posted by DrMo View Post
Bowe was happiest when exchanging at mid-range, where does this strange idea that Bowe simply stood still & waited for his opponents to approach him come from?
It comes from watching him fight. Almost every time an opponent came forward Bowe stood his ground and banged it out with him on the inside. This was not a product of laziness, it was how he responded to aggressive fighters throughout his career. Watch the first Evander fight, universally acknowledged as his best performance, to see him doing this.

As for engaging on his own terms, Bowe was capable when focussed, but too often just resorted to plodding forward behind a lazy or non-existent jab, trusting to his greater size and resilience to walk through his opponents' shots and get in with his own. His mid-range offence was decent but not exceptional, and his lack of defensive prowess meant he could be outboxed from here. It was on the inside that Bowe was most effective.

Originally Posted by DrMo View Post
He only threw his jab to take a rest, not to measure distance & he didnt throw combinations off it?
I didn't exactly say that now did I? My point was that while Bowe was capable of throwing a very good crisp jab he didn't use it consistently enough for it to play a major factor in most of his fights, nor did he use it in the way a big man should to maximise his advantages of height and reach. Compared to Lennox, Wlad or even Vitali, his jab was not a dominant part of his ****nal.

Originally Posted by DrMo View Post
Ive never noticed that Bowe "leaned out" as he jabs because he generally didnt. Bowe's jab, in terms of mechanics was every bit as snappy as Lewis'.
Yes it was snappy, but a jab's worth is measured by how you use it over the course of the fight not in simple mechanics. Lennox's jab was unquestionably the more versatile and better used weapon than Bowe's occasionally snappy, occasionally lazy and often inconsistent one.

Originally Posted by DrMo View Post

I assume you are aware that Bowe was displaying signs of chronic brain injury before Golata 1. Compare his interview at the end of Holy 3 with Holy 1, Bowe's slurring his words so badly it almost sounds like a dfferent person.

Using Golata as an example of how Vitali would beat Bowe is like using the Vitali who fought Chisora as an example for the opposite & in no way reflects how either guy performed at their peak.
Fine. You want to use the Biggs or Gonzalez fight for that?
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