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Default Re: Dempsey's punching power

Dempsey was pretty much the first combination puncher. He threw fast hard punches in bunches and his left hooks were devastating. He didnt have that Marciano/Foreman brute strength but rather vicious punches with bad intentions written all over them. Marciano could put you down and out with Suzie Q but you'd take a lot more punishment from a dempsey combination than a Marciano right hand if that makes sense. Although controversial the Sharkey KO is a good example of his power, that shot only traveled about 6 inches and it lifted Sharkey off his feet and knocked him out. He dropped Firpo numerous times with hard shots before finally putting him away. Marciano is more of a sledge hammer Dempsey is more of a baseball bat not as powerful but much faster and still concussive. Not shavers type power with slow thudding but explosive like Mike Tyson. He also really torqued his shots with his whole body weight. Tyson and Dempsey are very similar-- punches in bunches super fast and explosive not like Marciano/Shavers or Foreman its no coincidence either the manassa mauler was tysons idol
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