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Default Re: Bunce making a **** out of himself on Twitter

Originally Posted by rampant View Post
This is true, although I wouldnt want my fighters to provide any additional exposure for an opposition promoter / TV chanell.
The crux of it really is just that it's two rival TV Networks competing for viewers and subscribers in BN's case at the same times.

It SHOULD work on the basis that if we have more well known british boxers that are successful, the general public will take more of an interest, and all within boxing will benefit including Sky and BN and Hearn and FW. If boxing is doing well then they are profiting in the process and it's all one big happy family with everyone embracing and promoting each other.

Unfortunately that's not the case with TV Networks and never will be. Ultimately they'e in competition and FW won't want Matchroom fighters getting more exposure on his channel as the more popular they become the more people watch them on Sky Sports. The same for Hearn, if his prize assets are on Bunce's show then that's helping BN and encouraging people to subscribe which means more for his rival.

They're never going to work together on any level really, no one should expect otherwise, it's a shame that we don't have FWP and Matchroom both on Sky but that's how it is. There will be many British fights that probably won't happen now as a result of them not working together, Rees/Burns was a recent one although that did result in them both getting chances to add world straps in fairness.

It's a similar situation in the states with Top Rank and GBP I suppose, it's ****e but it's just how it is and I don't expect it to change any time soon. Even when FW and EH talk about each others fighters its pretty much through gritted teeth and when they do give any praise it's usually followed up with a thinly veiled dig at each others company. There's more politics in boxing than in actual politics these days!
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