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Default Re: Ronda Rousey Not Impressed with Georges St. Pierre's Fighting Style

You don't have to look hard to know how I feel about GSP.

With that being said, I believe he shares many similarities with Floyd Mayweather. He is a technician, and one of the most well rounded Mixed Martial Artist out there (Jon Jones being the other). The most successful of the well rounded, with 7 title defenses in The UFC. GSP is excellent at changing levels, and top control. I truly enjoyed the fight with CC as there were many moments.

But, I believe he lacks the killer instinct that Fedor, JJ, Hendo, and Anderson Silva share. GSP is who he is, and we can't fault him for that, but it's obvious why he isn't a favorite several in the community. For one, many don't appreciate his technical brilliance, and two, three, four, he runs the clock, he watches the clock, and he doesn't finish fight. Kenny Florian finishes fights, Ronda Rousey finishes fights, Houston Alexander finishes fights, and Chris Leben finishes fights. These men (and woman) are looking to finish fights at all times, let alone when the opportunity presents itself. So I believe Ronda Rousey is justified in her thoughts on GSP.
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