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Default Alexander Frenkel

What the hell happened there?

He capped off a very nice two-year run in 2009 & 2010 by scoring a savage Knockout Of The Year candidate against Enzo Maccarinelli...


...then vanished.


The only semblance of explanation is from this Scene article in October 2011...thirteen months after the Maccarinelli KO.

European cruiserweight champion Alexander Frenkel (23-0, 18KOs) of Germany says he is suffering from burn-out and will take a break until the year's end. The 26-year-old ... had been due to mount a defense on October 22 in Ludwigsburg in southern Germany.

"We noticed even at training he wasn't really into it. Added to that, he suffered a hand injury," said Sauerland Event's Chris Meyer, confirming a report ... that Frenkel was to take a break.

"Everyone deals with it (pressure) differently. Some drive fast cars, others go after beautiful women. Alexander is rather more the type to worry a lot about it."
So, that's it? Top rated young powerful cruiserweight, gets ants in his pants and throws it all away?

By now he should be poised for a Euro showdown with some other hot up-and-comer like Chakhkiev, Masternak or Kiladze...or even challenging Diablo, since he was for a long time prior to his disappearance the WBC #2 contender.

What is with chronic anxiety ruining talented young athlete's careers? (Frenkel, Royce White in the NBA). It seems a new phenomenon.

He is still only 27, so it isn't out of the question he can course-correct if he pulls his head out of his ass. Especially where cruisers and heavies age on a different scale from lighter boxers. Still...
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