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Default Re: ***Cain Velasquez Highlight Video (New)***

Way cool, thanks

slugger slug, slugger slugbug... Epic video. Many Great moments in those 3 1/2 minutes...

-1:25 walking away from what looks like a ****ing murder scene, not even satisfied with the bludgeoning. Brown Pride had a taste of UFC Gold, and you could almost feel what he felt from this brilliant video.

-2:50 as the bell sounds, and the satisfaction of knowing that he won that belt back, that he earned it. The shaking of hands at the end of the fight, the words from Brown Pride himself. BobDigi may as well be ROCK HARD right now. But, I'm not. My mind is. Epic ****, I hope Brown Pride gets a chance to view this!

I was watching the fight this morning, and absolutely love that opening round. The two look like Lion and Tiger. They say Tigers are a little bit bigger, and Brown Pride was coming after him with the heart of a ****ING LION. 25 seconds in he misses a TD attempt, and looks like a big cat in the process. That was a Great performance, and goes to show that he is a well rounded fighter. Truer words have never been spoken in recent comments from Frank Mir about JDS not having JJ to back his game up. During that first scramble to his feet, he could have easily laid into Brown Pride and worked some grappling, some GnP, some grappling, but choose not to. These are the things that you don't see during a live fight.

Now, let's see if Brown Pride can distance himself from his rival(s) .
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