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Default Re: **** Kirks ESB Championships 2013 **** New year, new members welcome!




$20 (how much winners will get for picking it right)
$10 BONUS (For getting a KO)

Salido vs Garcia

Lufcrazy KO7
Malden TKO9



Robney TKO8
boxer1982 TKO8



OUR PICKS by the Numbers

Salido - 5

Garcia - 15
UD: 7

Salido - 5
Garcia - 15

LEAGUE PICKS - Garcia by KO!


Orlando Salido vs. Miguel Mikey Garcia

Now, here's the big one for this weekend. Orlando Salido and Miguel Mikey Garcia. Right off the bat I'll say this, this is a tricky fight to call, and you pretty much can't give off a really good prediction. Usually, with big fights like this, you get tendencies, you get an idea of how fighters react in certain situations, but this is one of those fights with a lot of unknowns. This is Mikey Garcia's first world title and this is his first fight against a really, really, really good fighter. One of the reasons why this is a 'who knows' type fights, actually the main reason, is because of Garcia. It's not as if Garcia hasn't fought good fighters, he has, but he has broken down each and everyone of those good fighters he has fought. Some of the notable fighters he has taken on include Cornelius Lock, Matt Remillard, Bernabe Concepcion, and Jonathan Victor Barros. He's got a few nice scalps in there. He's just looked so dominate that we haven't seen him pushed. He has yet to be pushed and that's where the unknown factor comes into play. Just how will he react against a really good fighter, that's right in his face, giving him adversity? That's one of the many questions that we'll get an answer to on Saturday night.

We know about Orlando Salido. Salido is an aggressive, experienced, tough, smart fighter. He's got a who's who list of notable fighters that include Yuriorkis Gamboa, Cristobal Cruz, Robert Guerrero (Which technically now never happened because of a failed drug test), and JuanMa Lopez. Salido has the experience, fighting someone like Garcia isn't anything new to Salido.

One of the fun things about this fight is the contrast of styles. Salido, as mentioned, is an aggressive fighter, but a smart one, I'll get into that a little bit later, but Salido is an aggressive fighter. Garcia is more of an outside fighter, fighting behind his jab and just taking it easy on the outside. In all of his previous fights he's been able to dictate the pace. In this fight, It will be a lot harder to dictate the pace. And again, one of things we'll just have to see when this fight happens. Can Garcia fight and throw punches for 12 rounds? What about his stamina? Things like this. Garcia has an anemic punch output, so can he up it up, keep his power, and be able to stay on his feet? We'll just have to find out. It's a mystery, this fight is like a Sherlock Holmes movie...or get where I'm going, it's a Sherlock Holmes type fight. A lot of mystery.

One of the things about both of them is that they are very smart. Garcia gets credit for that by most of the people that have seen him. And he is, he looks like he has a plan, he knows who he is and tries to execute it. Fights on the outside, a lot of feints, working his jab, looks for openings to unleash his left hook. Salido is a bit trickier, on the surface you don't look at him and say "He's a smart fighter." but he is. When you watch the Lopez rematch fight again, there's a lot of nuance to his game. This'd be easier if I had a video to demonstrate this, but Salido, as you may know, as that aggressive bob and weave-ish type style. One of the ways he was able to get through Lopez and land frequently was his ability to out think and feint out JuanMa Lopez. On the surface, Salido looks like just some aggressive brawler throwing punches, but there's definitely a method to his madness. It may not be pretty to look at like outside fighters such as Juan Manuel Marquez, Floyd Mayweather, or even a Miguel Mikey Garcia. But, in a way, it's better than those fighters because Salido is aggressive and has to put himself in harms way to get those openings.

So, overall, not only do these fighters have a lot of skill, but they are thinking fighters. It's not just brawn, but there is a lot of brains to their game. It's just one of those type fights that you don't see very often, and I'm as pleased as punch that this fight is going down. It's an early mega fight and Saturday is going to be a fun fight. Oh yeah, and for a prediction, you know, I'm going to go with Miguel Garcia. I think Garcia has "It" I think he's just one of those fighters that is that good, but when push comes to shove, he can step up in the big moments. I'm going to go with Garcia by decision, because, quite frankly, it's just tough for me to see Salido getting stopped. I know a quick boxrec search in Salido's 11 losses 5 of them have come via stoppage, but that was way back when he was teenager. Heck, just to put in perspective the last time he was stopped, Creed was the biggest rock band in the world with that Human Clay tour and what not, Roy Jones Jr was P4P the best in the world, the Twin Towers were still in New York, so basically, it's been a long, long time. None of us have seen Salido stopped, it tough to see him stopped now. Not that it can't happen, but it's just tough to see. If it were to happen, it'll from Garcia's left hook. Garcia has a wicked left hook, and Salido's best punch is a looping right hand. If Garcia is going to stop Salido, he'll anticipate the looping right hand coming, fire out the left hook and catch Salido. Remember, Lopez did in their rematch, one of the few rounds, if not the only round, Lopez won in that fight. Salido is vulnerable, but he's a tough hombre. We'll see what happens, but that about wraps it up. In the words of Bart Scott after the Jets upset the Patriots in the playoffs about two years ago: CAN'T WAIT!



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