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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by edward morbius View Post
"His record at lightheavyweight is great"

He was the champion of an unlimited class and outweighed more often than not.

"Wlad is a superheavyweight"


**I don't know what nationality you are, but in American gridiron football the players have gotten so much bigger that almost any team could defeat the best of decades ago. But what is the point? Does a losing team in 2012 become great, good, or even satisfactory, because it could, or at least we judge that it could, defeat a championship team of decades ago.

I just don't find that an acceptable criteria.

**I know someone who is a relative of John Madden. I asked to him to ask Madden if Madden thought a top COLLEGE team today would defeat the Lombardi ******s or the seventies Steelers.

Madden's answer was most likely.

He was outweighed in about 60% of his fights and all credit to him regardless of opposition, most heavyweight champions are bigger in the majority of their fights. Although there isn't much in it for the larger part, 10 lb weight discrepancies.

It's not just his size, it's his style, potential for growth even applying modern methods and so on. Because if you start going down the lines of, people have grown due to dietary changes....Then it is impossible to speculate on any fight across era's. His genetics seemed to be indicative of a naturally squat guy, short, arms, legs, wide torso.

Modern sports equate to PED usage. But a bulked up Marciano is not going to be any more effective at closing distance on tall, athletic fighters. If anything it would **** his stamina up and make him slower.

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