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Default Re: Miguel Angel Garcia vs. Orlando Salido

Originally Posted by trainer View Post
The poster above is right you ****ing moron. Maybe you'll understand when you finish high school.

What you're saying is the bookies "should" allocate the exact inverse of the odds payed for the favorite for the non favorite. (1) / (8/13) = 13/8 as you say.
- Bookies give it a spread because as somebody above said: how are they expecting to make money otherwise?

Imagine if the odds were even. In your case you could bet even amounts on both opponents and get all of your money back just to waste their time (unless it was a draw). What would be the point of that?

Remember the main point of a business and consider finishing high school and/or take some basic Math/Statistics night course classes.
lol i was trollin no need for an essay son, guy drew pictures and all sorts
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