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Default Re: Deontay Wilders next fight...

Originally Posted by Absolutely! View Post
Well, for whatever reason he finds it hard to make fights with bigger names, he needs to set his sights lower and have decent backup opponents in case no deal can be made with the primary. Calling out Jennings or Fury then fighting someone like Greer instead makes him look like a tit. It does very little for his credibility. Fury may have been the one to pull out (personally I don't think either party put anything serious on the table), but he's still managed to get a fight with Kevin Johnson in the interim whilst Wilder is still fighting the bum of the month.

You're right, sparring with Wlad and Haye would do him a world of wonders, but at some point he needs to test his skills out on live opponents in actual competitive fights. Doesn't even need to be someone that great. Mike Mollo or Brian Minto would be decent tests, basically someone who doesn't enter the ring swinging their tits and looking to lie down at the first opportunity.

Wilder's 100% KO ratio is absolutely something his backers are counting on as a future selling point. Don't kid yourself it isn't.
He isn't fighting bigger names, he wants to fight a higher level of journeymen, like your Brit fellows fight now.

That said again, Fury said he was going to fight him then backed out.

Kevin Price is as good as Mollo or Minto, so cut the BS like they are top level journeymen.

Again Wilder isn't marketed based on his KO rate and no one looks at it highly because people know he has been in relatively light, so stop crying about irrelevent **** and stuff that isn't even a real issue except in the recesses of your mind.
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