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Default Re: Dempsey's punching power

Originally Posted by Absolutely! View Post
Er, yes it does. If you're not able to knock a man unconscious or even keep them down for a ten count after hitting them with your best shots then you have no right to be called the hardest hitting fighter ever. What Ali, Lyle, Holmes etc have to say is only relevant to the era they were fighting in. It has no bearing on how hard someone like Tua or Wlad hit who actually have knocked men unconscious and gotten one shot KOs etc.
Calling him the hardest pucher ever would not be overrating him but would just be plain silly as you cannot compare his power to people of other eras. Yes Quarry didn't say much in regards to Shavers power probably because he barely landed anything and was taken out in 1 round.

Tex Cobb, Muhammad Ali, Ken Norton, Ron Lyle, James Tillis and Larry Holmes ALL said he hit the hardest and you can take a peek at each man's record to see some other punchers they faced. Another opponent said he hit harder than both Ron Lyle and George Foreman combined. Shaver's wasn't fast, wasn't skilled, wasn't accurate, didn't have much gas or a good chin, things like setting up a punch and timing your opponent were completely foreign to him, he rarely implemented combinations and he was a horrid finisher these are why he could never KO quality opponents. I mean **** if a whole group of people say he hit the hardest than maybe, just maybe when taking into account common opponents, that the man hit pretty ****ing hard.
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