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Default Re: Dempsey's punching power

Originally Posted by Seamus View Post
Have you watched this fight? Layne took serious punishment before Marciano landed the coup de grace. Another example of Marciano being an attrition puncher.
Yes I have seen the fight numerous times, Marciano did land numerous punches before the KO like almost every single fight in the history of boxing. It took George Foreman multiple knockdowns of chinny Ken Norton, who froze against punchers, to finish the job are we to believe he is also an attrition puncher because he's never had a single 1 punch KO? Why did you avoid this point in the original post?

Braddock took serious punishment before being KO'd by Louis, is he too an attrition puncher? Same when he KO'd the much smaller Conn.

Originally Posted by Seamus View Post
His last two fights as the Methuselah of the ring. The first was luck and quick timing as Marciano caught him coming off the ropes, casting his own weight into Marciano's 7 inch wheelhouse of terror. The second fight was just an old fighter giving up before the fight started, knowing he was done, his career was done and not wanting to endure rounds of punishment. See Monzon-Benvenuti II.
Case remains it was 1 punch wasn't it? Both times.

Originally Posted by Seamus View Post
That is not a one punch KO. Moore absorbed a ton of punches before the ancient light heavy withered under Marciano's assault. One punch KO's do not come after you are KD'd 5 times. There is no way the 5th time is a one-punch KO. Attrition KO.
With this logic damn near every KO Foreman has was an attrition KO. This can be extended to Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis and many others.

Originally Posted by Seamus View Post
Who is Kid Matthews? Moore called him a fraud in the division, plain and simple. A beanpole light heavy who Marciano, petit as he was, outweighed. Irrelevant to any discussion of heavyweight boxing.

Show me a more wanting heavyweight division than that which Marciano ruled. It would be the same as if a bantam ruled the welters for 4 years. An indictment on the available talent.
Is the word of Archie Moore gospel now? Mattews was a very good fighter with some wins over notable opponents like Lloyd Marshall, Rex Layne, Ezzard Charles, Irish Bob Murphy etc. And since when are we exclusively talking about Heavyweights when the man this thread is discussing isn't technically one?

And Marciano ruling the division is not an indictment on the avaliable talent, there were many big fighters during the era but none of them were that good. Plain and simple. It would be like if a bantam ruled the welterweight division by beating all the best welterweights who happened to be of poor quality.You can't hold this against Marciano because the biggest fighters weren't good. Just because the era isn't ruled by two 6"6 roided up, tag teaming ukrainian brothers who refuse to avenge their loses doesn't mean that it was weak.

Also you have still avoided providing names of other heavyweight champions who have more than 1 punch KO's over rated opponents. Try not to avoid this point again.
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