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Default Re: the method - johnny famechon

Originally Posted by atigerofold View Post
Been away:

As Maxwell Smart said Darkhorse....."Ah....The Old Hop Back from the left jab"...(hahaha)...It is a good move Darkhorse, but if done too often, the savy boxer, baulks a left jab then instantly lunges long with the left hook....

I reckon if you and I sparred, we might not throw a punch.....the sheer tension would sap us as we mentally worked on what the other was thinking...hahaha..!! then the slow clap from the cruel crowd, as we intensified more, waiting, waiting for the other to succumb to the bully crowd's demand for action @!
....good to see you back mate..
..are you still workin' in China?
..and nah mate..I'm only a pretty inexperienced trainer (and i haven't trained anyone since '05 anyway) but i love to put it out there and try to sponge up information..any chance I get..I suppose at the end of the day you gotta put your nuts on the line and just go with what you know.. old trainer/mentor Sharkey Hughes just basicly said just go with the basics..and you learn with your fighters..and your fighter will make you as a trainer.. basic theory is just learn about surviving in the ring for half a dozen fights and then the strengths of a particular fighter will be obvious and you go from there..develop a style around that..
..but at the end of the day..the jab and move to the outside will always be the bread'n'butter on many occasion's during a fighters career..
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