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Default Re: Dempsey's punching power

Originally Posted by Unforgiven View Post
I agree with a lot of what Seamus is saying. But who was a one-punch KO puncher ?

Even in (or especially in?) heavyweight boxing, it seems that the opponents tend to get up a few times.
And you have to hit them a few times. Even if you are known as a 'puncher'.
Unless you're up against someone who's grossly out of shape or doesn't want to be there, it's unlikely to be a 'one-punch KO'.

Foreman, Tyson, Liston, Marciano, Dempsey, Louis, Lewis, Baer ... opponents often took their punches and kept coming in for more.
Which is what I was trying to put across the fact that Marciano can be called an attrition puncher but has more 1 punch KO's over rated opponents than any heavyweight I can recall is an oxymoron. 1 punch KO's particularly at Heavyweight are a rarity even the biggest, and most powerful punchers usually need to either drop them a few times or deal out great punishment before a KO actually occurs.

Not even Wlad with his glorious 245 lbs of rippling muscle who would most certainly KO every Heavyweight prior to the 60's just from the sight of his God like body, could KO an old cruiserweight who was never all that great with 1 punch.
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