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Default Re: Primes,, Dempsey vs. Johnson: How would you advise each boxer?

Originally Posted by guilalah View Post
Jack Dempsey vs. Jack Johnson, each at the peak of their abilities.

20 rounds, no knock down limit, no neutral corner rule, boxers can punch on breaking, 6 oz. gloves w/thumbs, referee isn't squeemish and a bit on the laissez faire-side.

How would you advise each fighter?
The all action swarmer against the cautious defensive master.

Johnson said Dempsey was "a 4 round fighter," extremely dangerous in those rounds,after which he became"just another hooker".

The scenarios that present themselves imo, are
Dempsey by early ko
Johnson by dec
Johnson by late tko
Dempsey by dec [ only if Johnson's work rate is not sufficient and Alex Creggains is the referee].

Dempsey has a chance of koing anyone, but he usually did it in the first half of a fight.
Lets assume he comes out in his usual blitzkrieg mode, can Johnson contain him and smother his deadly hooks?

I think Johnson would manage it because of his skill at nullifying an opponents offence with clinching and using his strength inside.

Johnson would be in potential jeopardy anytime Dempsey gets in punching range on those spindly, quick legs, but he was a master at smothering attacks.

Tunney stated that Dempsey was hard to tag cleanly on the chin with a right cross, but Tunney was not noted for the uppercut , the classic punch against a bob and weave croucher.
Johnson had an uppercut unmatched until Holmes came on the scene.

The problem with this punch is it leaves you in danger of the left hook whilst the right hand is engaged in delivering it.
If the Mauler lands clean Johnson could taste the canvas, but if he does, on arising he would imprison Dempsey in a vice until his head cleared.

I think Dempsey has some success early, possibly dropping Johnson briefly but becoming increasingly frustrated at his failure to effectively work inside where Johnson would be tying him up and ripping uppercuts into his heart and chin.

Dempsey might send a few south of the border in an effort to get Johnson's guard down, he would certainly get his attention , but Johnson knew all the tricks too,and would not be reluctant in reciprocating.

After the halfway mark I think Dempsey begins to wind down like an old clock and Johnson gradually asserts himself leaning on him, and negating his increasingly sporadic offensive moves.

Dempsey had a fine chin and Johnson did not take unnessary chances ,he would content himself with spinning out a decision in a maul that does not live up to its early rounds excitement.

Johnson by decision, having reduced the whirlwind to a gentle breeze.
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