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Default Re: Dempsey's punching power

Originally Posted by Seamus View Post
Have you watched this fight? Layne took serious punishment before Marciano landed the coup de grace. Another example of Marciano being an attrition puncher.

His last two fights as the Methuselah of the ring. The first was luck and quick timing as Marciano caught him coming off the ropes, casting his own weight into Marciano's 7 inch wheelhouse of terror. The second fight was just an old fighter giving up before the fight started, knowing he was done, his career was done and not wanting to endure rounds of punishment. See Monzon-Benvenuti II.

That is not a one punch KO. Moore absorbed a ton of punches before the ancient light heavy withered under Marciano's assault. One punch KO's do not come after you are KD'd 5 times. There is no way the 5th time is a one-punch KO. Attrition KO.

Who is Kid Matthews? Moore called him a fraud in the division, plain and simple. A beanpole light heavy who Marciano, petit as he was, outweighed. Irrelevant to any discussion of heavyweight boxing.

Show me a more wanting heavyweight division than that which Marciano ruled. It would be the same as if a bantam ruled the welters for 4 years. An indictment on the available talent.
I see your point S and do not totally disagree with it, but Marciano did knock out Layne's teeth with one shot that's pretty impressive ,imo.

See link below.,4541858

Walcott, in the documentary," The Way It Was ",discussing his fights with Louis ,said Marciano was a better single puncher than Louis.

Mathews was a blown up LHVY but Marciano was the only one to ko him,and as a LHVY Nardico , and Murphy couldnt floor him.

Surely not a bean pole?

You are right in your assessment of his abilities however, see below.

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